Javier Franco


Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Seville. With Javi we strengthened the back office area in order to streamline it in terms of billing or contact with suppliers, among others.

A serious and responsible person, he offers support to all members of the administrative department, from the preparation and monitoring of tenders together with his colleague Álvaro Fajardo, to processing documentation related to merchandise or banking. Direct contact with all Biomol collaborating companies to maintain all possible information about orders and that it can be transmitted to the client in the clearest way possible.

His youth and versatility give him the ability to adapt to different functions and situations within the administration department. In addition, he is in constant training to continue growing in the company.


Ángel Alcalde

General Manager

Rafael Estevez


Ángel Luis  Campos


Diego García

CSO Associate

Antonio Carmona

Key Account Manager

Jéssica Núñez

Key Account Manager

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Key Account Manager

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Key Account Manager

Alberto  Bootello

Office Manager

Álvaro Lavado

Commercial Support

Jose Luis López


Álvaro  Fajardo


Javier  Franco


Darío Moreno

Logistics Manager

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